Associated Consulting Engineers (ACE) is working on many projects worldwide. Ace projects are currently located at most gulf countries, Jordan and with its newest branch ACE Palestine. This branch has taken a big number of projects varrying from different types. Information about all latest projects from Ramallah, Hebron, Nablus and other cities.

Associated Consulting Engineers Int'l (ACE) - Jordan is a professional engineering firm staffed and organized to provide "multi-disciplinary" architectural and engineering consulting services, established in 1981 as private share holding company in Jordan.

ACE- Jordan has progressively developed to become one of the leading consulting firms recognized in Jordan providing services in planning, architecture, engineering design, construction management and supervision. ACE achievements in the diverse areas of specialized engineering services, supervision of works and construction management are reflected in its long record of completed projects and satisfied clients. With its close ties to its affiliate International Firm, ACE Int'l, ACE Jordan has been able to support its professionals and receive the back-up necessary to augment its available local resources and capabilities, when needed, to meet the requirements and demands of specialized / large projects.